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The 2nd Citizens Film Festival in Kitakyushu residents

The 2nd Kitakyushu Citizens Film Festival
Special program: Kyushu Premiere of Kim Ki-young major works

Kitakyushu Citizens Film Festival run by local movie-fans started last year with the support of Kitakyushu-born film director Shinji Aoyama.

Special program of this year is Kyushu premiere of Korean director, Kim Ki-young.  Director Kim earns cultic popularity world-wide and nicknamed “Mr. Monster” for his eccentric genius, and his work has a great impact on the history of Korean film.
The venue of the festival is Kitakyushu’s long-established cinema, Kokura Showa Kan, which is just next to Kitakyushu’s famous local food market, Tanga Ichiba.

This year, we invite Kenji Ishizaka, Fukumi Kuroda and Shinji Aoyama for our forum.  Mr. Ishizuka is a director of Winds of Asia-Middle East Program in Tokyo International Film Festival, and is knowledgful of Asian film including Kim Ki-young.  Ms Kuroda is a weill-known actor for both film and TV and loves Korean culture.  Film director Aoyama is a co-organizer of this festival, and is a big fan of Kim Ki-young’s works.
The 2nd movie festival by Kitakyushu residents presents some works of Mr.Ki-young Kim who is respected by many movie directors such as Mr.Martin Scorsese and so on...



The 2nd movie festival by Kitakyushu residents

  The movies directed by 'Wizard in the Korean Movie World' Ki-young Kim arrived in Kyushu!


【Date】 March 3rd, 2012 (Sat)
【Venue】  'Kokura Showa Kan' 4-2-9 Uomachi, Kokurakita-Ku, Kitakyushu-city
【Organizer】  Kitakyushu Citizens Film Festival Committee (Kitakyushu cinema collegium)

【Supports  Kitakyushu-city, Nishinihon Shinbun, Sou wo Kangaeru Kai - Kitakyushu(NPO)
【This event is funded by Kitakyushu Machidukuri Step-up project. 】
【Special Thanks】

     Kim Donwon
     Tokyo International film festival
     The Japan Foundation
     Kitakyushu Prosperity Enrichment Council (KPEC)
     Kokura Showa Kan     


 10:00〜12:00  "Lakeside Muder Case" (Directed by Aoyama Shinji. 2005)
 12:45〜14:35  "The Housemaid"(Directed by Kim Ki-young. 1960)

 14:50〜16:25  "An Experience Worth Dying For"(Directed by Kim Ki-young. 1995)

 16:45〜18:45  "Hyeon-hae-tan Knows"(Directed by Kim Ki-young. 1961)

 19:00〜20:30  Forum: Shock of “Mr. Monster” Kim Ki-yong

 21:00〜23:00  Party

 ※The theatre opens 10 min before each film.


【Forum Guest】

 Shinji Aoyama - Film director, writer

 Kenji Ishizaka - Director of Winds of Asia-Middle East Program in Tokyo International Film Festival

 Fukumi Kurorda - Actor, Essayist


【Ticket Price】
 Advanced Ticket : Single/800 yen, Free Pass (for all film)/3,000 yen
 Walk-up Ticket: Single/1,000 yen
Party: 3,000 yen
 * Theater has to be emptied between films.  Those who stay for next show needs to wait in the lobby.
* Single ticket can be used for any individual film.
 * Free Pass holders will be guided before single ticket holders.
 * Forum is free for any ticket holders (please show the used ticket at the door).
 * Party ticket is available on the festival day (March 3rd) at the venue.  50 seats only. 

・For more information
 Kitakyushu Citizens Film Festival Committee (Yoshitake)
   TEL 090-1349-7362/093-582-4785
・Ticket Reservation (Now on sale)
 TEL Kokura Showa Kan Reservation Dial 093-551-4937
 FAX 093-582-4785(Yoshitake)
 Mail  kitaqcinema@gmail.com

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The 1st Movie Festival by Kitakyushu Residents information

We have the East Asian Litarature Forum in Kitakyushu in December.
It gave us an opportunity that all the fan of movies in kitakyushu got together to carry out 'The Movie Festival by Kitakyushu Residents'!
The special -featured shows are the talk show of Mr.LEE Changdong and Mr.Shinji Aoshima and seeing their latest films!
■'The 1st Movie Festival by Kitakyushu Residents' with the great movie directors, Mr.LEE Changdong  and Mr.Shinji Aoshima
【Date】 4th of December, 2010 (Saturday)
【Site】 'Kokura Showa Kan' 4-2-9 Uomachi, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu-city
 10:00〜 'EUREKA' 217 minutes   
  13:50〜 'Oasis' 132 minutes
  16:45〜 'Little Red Riding-Hood' 35 minutes
         ※The latest movie is directed by Mr.Shinji Aoyama!
          The first show in Kyushu!
  17:40〜 Special Preview 'Poetry' 139 minutes
         ※The latest movie is directed by Mr.LEE Changdong!
          The first show in Kyushu!
         ※The English title screening is in 'poetry'.
  20:10〜 The talk show of directors, LEE Changdong and Shinji Aoyama
※The 4 titles below are programmed.
  'EUREKA', 'Oasis', 'Little Red Riding-Hood',
 Talk show and Special Preview of 'Poetry'

【Ticket Fee】
 Ticket in Advance : 1 title/800 yen, Free pass/3000 yen
 A day Ticket : 1 title/1000 yen
  ※Tickets in Advance are on sale now!!
  ※Free Pass is available in Advance only.
  ※To attend to special preview 'Poetry', it is necessary to purchase a ticket for the talk show.

 The Executive Committee of Movie Festival by Kitakyushu Residents 'Kitakyushu Cinema Study Group'
The Executive Committee the East Asian (Korean, Chinese and Japanese) Litarartue Forum 2010 in Kitakyusyu /
The Executive Committee the East Asian Liarature Forum in Japan /
Arts and Technology Association Kitakyushu(NPO)
【The Gathering For Friendly Discussion to bring liveliness in Kitakyushu-city, authoraized the project as a business model to attract people.】
【Special Thanks】
SIGLO Ltd. / FINE CUT Co., Ltd. / Athenee Francais Cultural Center / TOKYO FILMeX 
【Reference/For Resevation】
  -About Program and others
   Ms.Yoshitake (The Executive Committee of Movie Festival by Kitakyushu Residents) 090-1349-7362 or 093-582-4785
  -Reservation for Tickets in Advance
   Call 093-551-4937 (Exclusive for a reservation at Kokura Showa Kan)
   FAX 093-582-4785(Mrs.Yoshitake)
   Email : kitaqcinema@gmail.com

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